Ritual for the New Moon in Aquarius

Ritual for the New Moon in Aquarius

Rituals don't have to be fancy or involve human sacrifice.


They are about setting time aside for reflection and healing, to allow you space to get clarity on your intentions, and shed what no longer serves you.


Each New Moon marks a new 12 month cycle in the house of your chart (the area of your life) it is occuring, and are a powerful time for clearing and setting intentions.


The New Moon in Aquarius arrives on 12th February at 5:05 am AEST* and will occur in the following area, depending on your Rising/Ascendant Sign:


Aries Rising ~ House XI

~ Friends, Network + Community


Taurus Rising ~ House X

~ Career + Public Life


Gemini Rising ~ House IX

~Quest for Purpose, Meaning, Learning + New Experiences


Cancer Rising ~ House VIII

~ Shared Resources, Intimacy + The Psyche


Leo Rising ~ House VII

~ Committed Partnerships


Virgo Rising ~ House VI

~Daily Life, Rituals, Your Body


Libra Rising ~ House V

~ Sex, Creative Projects, Children


Scorpio Rising ~ House IV

~ Home + Family Life


Sagittarius Rising ~ House III

~ Thoughts, Ideas + Communication


Capricorn Rising ~ House II

~ Assets + Resources


Aquarius Rising ~ House I

~ The Self, How You Present + Perceive the Outside World


Pisces Rising ~ House XII

~ Your Internal World, Spirituality


With this Ritual, you will receive:


  • A PDF of reflection questions for each Zodiac sign (including instructions on how to find your Ascendant/ Rising Sign)**.


  • An MP3 Recording of the Ritual, including; Astrological/ Energy Report, Healing, Meditation, and Sound Immersion.


Available for Immediate Download!


*London: 11th February 7:05pm

*Paris: 11th Feb 8:05pm

*New York: 11th February 2:05pm

*Los Angeles: 11 February 11:05am


**If you don't know your exact birth time, you can use your Sun Sign, which will still hold relevant information for you.