Ritual for the New Moon in Aries

Ritual for the New Moon in Aries

Rituals are about setting time aside for reflection and healing, and working with the New Moon is a powerful time to get clarity on your intentions, and shed what no longer serves you.


Each New Moon marks a new 12 month cycle in the house of your chart (the area of your life) it is occuring, and are a powerful time for clearing and setting intentions.


The New Moon in Aries arrives on 12th April at 12:30pm AEST* and will occur in the following area, depending on your Rising/Ascendant Sign:


Aries Rising ~ House I

~ The Self, how you present and percievethe outside world.


Taurus Rising ~ House XII

~ Your Internal World, Spirituality


Gemini Rising ~ House XI

~ Friends, Network + Community


Cancer Rising ~ House X

~ Career + Public Life


Leo Rising ~ House IX

~Quest for Purpose, Meaning, Learning + New Experiences


Virgo Rising ~ House VIII

~ Shared Resources, Intimacy + The Psyche


Libra Rising ~ House VII

~Committed Partnerships


Scorpio Rising ~ House VI

~ Rituals and Daily Life


Sagittarius Rising ~ House V

~ Sex, Creative Projects, Children


Capricorn Rising ~ House IV

~ Home + Family Life


Aquarius Rising ~ House III

~ Thoughts, Ideas + Communication


Pisces Rising ~ House II

~ Assets and Resources


With this Ritual, you will receive:


  • A PDF of reflection questions for each Zodiac sign (including instructions on how to find your Ascendant/ Rising Sign)**.


  • An MP3 Recording of the Ritual, including; Astrological/ Energy Report, Breath Work Meditation, and Sound Immersion.


When you purchase you will receive a PDF containing the Link to a folder containing Ritual. All materials will be in the Ritual Folder by 5pm 11th Febuary AEST.


Please email me if you have any problems accessing the files.


*London: 12th April 3:30am

*Paris: 12th April 4:30am

*New York: 11th April 10:30pm

*Los Angeles: 11th April 7:30pm


**If you don't know your exact birth time, you can use your Sun Sign, which will still hold relevant information for you.




"Wowsers, Eloise has gone above and beyond to produce such a beautiful new moon ritual. It not only combines astrology (linking it back to our own personal rising sign) and how that will affect us individually, journalling questions and prompts but it also includes energy healing, meditation, a beautiful journey that brings the flavour of the new moon alive and gets you thinking but also reflecting on what you want to bring forward. The audio finishes off with a blissful sound immersion which integrates everything perfectly. I love that we receive a detailed pdf document that is individualised to our rising sign as well as an audio recording with Eloise's wise insight, calming meditation and sound immersion. Her voice is so soothing and healing, I actually fell asleep a few times before making myself really hear, feel into the practise. Such a wholesome new moon ritual to incorporate into my life each month. Forever grateful" ~ Anne


"Luna’s new moon rituals are such a beautiful and in depth look at your own astrological insights. A perfect way to connect with the internal and external rhythms of life. Her guided meditation and sound healing are such a beautiful and profound experience. Definitely recommend adding it into your monthly spiritual practice!!" ~ Emma